Our vision for the year 2020


To develop agents of change who will impact society, through educational experiences and research centered on the Sciences and Technologies.


To deliver inventive and committed persons to Guatemala and the world.

The Strategic Plan 2005-2015, together with the celebration of the first fifty years of our history, closed the cycle by securing several goals of institutional relevance. We mention some, such as: self-evaluation of all academic programs, initiation of a wide process of curricular revision, international accreditation of the Engineering programs and the development of the external campuses (Santa Lucía Cotzmalguapa and Sololá).

The Strategic Plan 2016-2020 was developed on this basis, establishing the framework of the task, strategic pillars and transversal axes of institutional performance which contribute to the compliance of the mission and vision to develop agents of change who will impact on society, by means of educational experiences and investigation centered on sciences and technologies which implies, among other things, to widen coverage and to increase the number of students.

Likewise, to boost teaching and research in the fields of Sciences and Humanities.

In order to achieve this, we focus on four outcomes which guide our actions:

  • To promote teaching and investigation in the fields of Sciences and Humanities.
  • To participate in the search of solutions to the problems of Guatemala and of the Central American area which affect their economic, social and cultural development.
  • To contribute to the conservation of the environment and of natural resources and in the application of modern science and technology in the development of the country and of the Central American region.
  • To contribute in the formation of cultured citizens, aware of their social responsibility concerning the problems of their community and of their time.

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