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UVG promotes academic exchanges in renowned institutions for students, professors and researchers, internships and mobility and postgraduate scholarships abroad. In addition, we take care of advising and following up on academic cooperation agreements with international institutions and organizations.

global Agreements

At UVG, we are interested in creating cooperative relationships with other institutions of higher education with the same purposes of teaching, research and learning that enrich the university experience. We currently have framework, research, specific and mobility agreements with public and private, national and international institutions. We have alliances in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. We are very proud to count among our partner institutions worldwide and pioneers in the field of science, technology and research.

Academic Exchanges

UVG students have the opportunity to study outside of Guatemala. Live the experience, study in a foreign university, perfect a language, know a culture. UVG students have the opportunity to study outside of Guatemala. Live the experience, study in a foreign university, perfect a language, know a culture.
UVG can help you:

1. Learn about the different international programs in the field of education and research.
2. Facilitate administrative procedures for stays, visits and studies of international students and academics.

The academic exchange activities can have a multiplying impact in achieving our academic and professional goals. Consequently, to the increasing opening of the borders of business, education and research, it is a requirement to prepare students, professors and researchers of the higher level for the international practice of their profession.

Get involved in programs that complement and enrich your academic and professional career. At UVG we encourage you to discover more about the opportunities in Guatemala and abroad.





Exchanges of professors and researchers
Being a full-time professor or researcher
Have the endorsement of your immediate superior boss
Have an approved mobility plan
Replicate your experience in the UVG community

Student exchanges
1. Exchange with agreement
2. Exchange by scholarship
3. Exchange as a visiting student

You can apply from the 4th semester of studies
Have a minimum overall average of 80 points
Have a valid passport
Make an academic agreement endorsed by your career director
Have a file without calls for attention

Set aside your space to apply for an exchange through an agreement or a visiting student by filling out the following form: https://forms.gle/6CL1KNsXoVqw8pRs8 

Request a virtual meeting by filling out the following form: https://forms.gle/95YytSW9eRGgSWWR8 

More information: asuntosinternacionales@uvg.edu.gt
Phone number. (502) 2507-1500 Ext. 21593
Office J-211 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/CDIUVG/ 

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For more information in:
Phone number: (502) 2507-1500
Ext. 21593
Office J-211

Are you interested in studying in Guatemala? Universidad del Valle de Guatemala is one of the most outstanding houses of higher studies in Central America. Focused on innovation and research, here you can expand your academic preparation by choosing from more than 50 bachelor’s degrees in science and technology, in addition to more than 20 postgraduate and master’s programs so that you specialize in areas of global trend.

For us, the integration of international students is an important part and we are committed to providing them with an integral and quality academic environment, within a context of interaction and cultural exchange. Also, while you complete your studies, you will have the opportunity to explore different cultures and communities, as well as to know the natural diversity of the country.

Estimated expenses and housing:
The currency is the quetzal, which equals 10 quetzales per euro, 8 per US dollar and 7 per Canadian dollar. You can use credit cards in almost every city. UVG does not have housing facilities on campus and this is not included in the cost of the program. Our Office can offer you options in the surroundings of the university so you can choose the one that suits you the best.